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Property Growth & Entrepreneur Mentoring Academy
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Alfie Best Property Growth Academy “Mentoring Program” offers both property training coupled with key entrepreneurial growth learning skills. Alfie is a true believer that many starting out on their property journey can underestimate the level of entrepreneurial skill, knowledge and attitude and work ethic required to become successful and to continually grow your levels of success. ABPG Academy allows #TEAMBEST members to learn, grow and succeed in building their property asset values.

Why Has Alfie Created
Alfie Best Property Academy

Alfie has been a regular speaker at property events for many years. As he watched the property trainers and the people who were attending the events. He realised that he could offer valuable mentoring and support to aspiring and experienced property investors, developers and people starting out on the property ladder for the first time.

Alfie has over 20 years of direct property experience in both bricks and mortar residential and commercial properties as well as park home and leisure parks sector. He is also a major advocate for affordable homes in the UK and believes that he has the answer to the UK housing crisis.

His schedule is very busy, and his time is the one thing that is extremely limited for Alfie. He decided that he wanted to create a property training academy that offers value training using a mixture of monthly paid and free events where his delegates and members would experience actionable take away information and knowledge. He did not want his delegates and members to attend an event or join his academy and not be able to act in growing their property portfolios.

The academy launched on the 5th Feb 2020 at Alfie’s first property event, held at his Wyldecrest HQ in Grays, Essex. Alfie’s new slogan is simply this, “Creating Wealth, Changing Lives”

Academy Mentoring Course
Time Frame

The mentoring program is carried out over 12-month period. Training sessions are weekly and are held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 7pm for 90 minutes, live via a video conferencing service called “ZOOM”. Zoom is free to sign up and use conferencing service.

You can watch and join the academy live calls via phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. The live calls are also recorded and can be viewed on REPLAY at via our recording’s library any time, so you’ll never miss a call.

Academy and Mentoring
Membership Benfits

The course and mentoring content is listed below. Alfie Best Property Academy runs weekly training sessions on Tuesday (Park home and leisure parks) & Thursday evening (bricks and mortar from 7pm-8.30pm. Alfie Best personally runs one 90 minute live mentoring call each month to all Alfie Best Property Growth Academy Members.

12 Months of Mentoring and Property Growth Support

From the moment that you join you will have 12 months of mentoring and support.

52 Weeks of LIVE ZOOM Video Conferencing Calls With Alfie's Trainers
Alfie Runs One LIVE Personal Group Conference Call Per Month
52 Weeks of Email Support With Direct Access to Alfie's Email Address
50% Off All ABPG Events
Part Of Our Motivated Academy
Potential To Open Joint Venture Business with Alfie & Bradley
Speaker At Our Events (Subject to Approval)

Your Questions Answered By Alfie Best

By joining the academy you can email any questions about your property growth or property journey directly to Alfie by emailing him. Upon joining the academy you will be supplied with Alfie's email address and you can email him asking your questions and advice. ALL QUESTIONS ARE LOOKED AT BY ALFIE and will either be responded to personally or by a member of his executive team on his behalf. 

Alfie Best Property Growth Mentoring Courses
Course Content

NB - Entrepreneur Training is Incuded In Both Courses

Who Can Join Alfie's Academy and How Can I Grow In The Future?

  • Who Can Attend?

    Both Aspiring and Existing Property Buyers, Developers, Park Home and Leisure Park Startups and existing Operators

  • What Will You Learn?

    52 Weeks of Property Growth Knowledge Training As Well as 52 Weeks of “Your Questions Answered” by Email Support

  • Who Trains Me?

    Alfie Best Runs One LIVE Zoom Session Per Month for 90 Minutes. Other weeks are delivered by Alfie’s Right Hand Man And Head of Operations Bradley Chapman

  • Joining Alfie's Training Academy

    You Can Join The Academy in One of Three ways. Paid in Full, Deposit and Montlhy Payments or Montlhy Payments Only. 

  • How Can I Progress With Alfie's Academy?

    Alfie Has Plans To Create a Regional ABPG Network Around The Country. You Could Run Your Own Franchise, Speak at Our Events, Feature in Our Magazine or Even Work With Us at HQ On A Profit Share of Your Own Business.  

  • What Other Training is Available

    On Rare Occassions and Subject to Time Avaiability. The Executive Team May Be Able to Offfer One 2 One Consultative Training (By Application Only)

Alfie Best Property Academy Mentoring Course
Pricing and Joining Options

12 Months Membership From Just £48 Per Week
Choose Your Payment Instalment Plan Below

12 Months Membership To Alfie's Mentoring Program Can Be Purchased in One of Three Ways. Please Choose Your Preferred Purchase Method and Click The Buy Now Button That Is Appropriate For You. (All Membership Opions Offer Instant Access to Our Video Training Archives). 


Please Note That We Are Running An Early Bird Special Offer Where You Can Choose Either The Park Home and Leisure Parks Training Tuesday's Course or The Property Bricks and Mortar Thursday's Course. You Will Have Full Academy Membership Benefits and As Bonus You Will Be Able To Access The Second Course For A Full Four Weeks Completely FREE. After The Four Week Access Period. Should You Wish to Upgrade To Be a Part of Both Courses an Upgrade fee of £500 Will Apply

"Your Success Is Determined By The Levels of Energy and Attitude That You Put Into Your Personal and Business Growth Coupled With Your Burning Desire to Execute Your Plan"

Alfie Best

About Alfie Best

Alfie Best is a UK businessman and property entrepreneur. Alfie is the Chairman and founder of Wyldecrest Parks who are the largest park home operators in the UK and the 4th largest in Europe.  He is listed in the Sunday Times Rich List as the 450th richest man in the UK.

Alfie has amassed a property empire that carries a business valuation of £700 million pounds with net assets in the region of £425 million pounds. He owns and operates property and business interests in the UK, USA and Barbados.

He has featured in the news, press, radio and has appeared numerous times on national television. Alfie’s heritage is Romany Gypsy. His childhood was a far cry from where he is today. Growing up in a caravan and working with his father taught Alfie many things and gave him the persistence and work ethic he still carries today.

Alfie is often referred to as “One of The Most Humbling Men That You Could Ever Meet”. He often speaks at national property events and always gives incredible and valuable advice and help to budding and experienced property investors.

With over 13,700 residents Alfie is quite possibly the largest landlord in the UK. A Garage full of Bugatti cars, a private £3.6m helicopter and holidays in one of the 11 villas he owns in Barbados are just some of the ways Alfie Best likes to spend his £285m fortune.

Alfie Best welcomes you to the launch of his residential and commercial property training academy and global property consortium. Alfie has created Alfie Best Property Growth Academy to help inspired, motivated and driven individuals and business owners to show them how they can grow and accelerate their property portfolios.

With over 17 years UK and International property experience, Alfie and his property training team will help you to understand the key elements required to achieve outstanding business and property asset growth.

Alfie’s new property academy has a number of key property growth training and coaching events planned for 2020. All training events are be held at Wyldecrest HQ in Grays, Essex and Alfie has already created a 50-seat training room just outside his main office.

Alfie Best Property Growth Academy Directors, Coaches and Trainers

Alfie Best Property Growth
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"Prepare Yourself Mentally and Follow My Bricks & Mortar Residential Property Or My Park Home Operators & Investors Growth Training Programs With Passion and Purpose and You Will Achieve a New Level of Success"

Alfie Best

Alfie Best Property Growth Academy “Mentoring Program” offers both property training coupled with key entrepreneurial growth learning skills. Alfie is a true believer that many starting out on their property journey can underestimate the level of entrepreneurial skill, knowledge and attitude and work ethic required to become successful and to continually grow your levels of success. FIND OUT MORE

Welcome to Alfie Best Property Growth Academy bricks and mortar residential and commercial property training events for existing home owners, property investors, developers and inspired people looking to start their property asset growth journey. FIND OUT MORE

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Alfie Best Property Consortium investment for individuals and business owners. Alfie Best Property Investment consortium is looking to achievie high yield growth and returns for special projects that Alfie Best and his team source. From residential and commercial oppportunties through to park home and leisure park investments. COMING SOON

We are always looking for high profile speakers, writers and columnist as well as product and service providers within the property sector. We also have a range of busines partnership opportunities for joint venture and profit sharing businesses under the ABPG brand where you will become the Managing Director and 49% sharholder of your own ABPG business. If you would like to join our team then please email Bradley in confidence at

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