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"Bradley Explains How You Can Partner With Alfie and Bradley From £10k to £250k Plus"

How Does Our Property Consortium Partnership Work?

We source below market value property projects and opportunities. You decide what level of joint venture funding you would like to pledge. We then invite our joint venture partners into the project where you commit your JV pledge.

The property asset is then purchased under a specially created SPV limited company. The project is project managed by Aflie Best Property Growth and completed within a pre agreed time frame.

Once the project is completed, your pre agreed share of the net profits, or a pre agreed rate of return are paid to you on a buy, refurb and sell basis. Your investment will remain in the asset if it is a buy, refrub and hold to rent project offering a long term ROI for the given project.

If we offer a long term project the profits will keep being reinvested in the particular SPV and it will continue to grow in asset value and returns will be paid every six months to our partners, shareholders and directors.

Each project could be funded by a single partner wishing to take all of the JV share for a sourced project or multiple partners (consortium).

Your Joint Venture Property Partnership Is Secured and Guaranteed By The First Charge on Each Individual Property Asset Within The SPV Ltd Company Created For Each Project.

A Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV is generally a type of company that can be set up to hold a property. Where property developers want to obtain finance for their projects an SPV is normally used as it is a company that for use on one project only and therefore represents fewer risks and liabilities for the lenders.

"Covering Bricks and Mortar Residential and Commercial Properties to Land, Retirement Park Home, Leisure Parks and Holiday Parks"

What Types of Property Asset Do We Specialise In?

From pubs and guest house and hotel conversion to large scale property developments. This is joint venture property development at it's BEST.

Alfie and Bradley under Alfie Best Property Growth, sources, secures and presents to our JV partners a wide range of property asset type opportunities including:-

Distressed Properties, Residential, Commercial, Park Home and Holiday Parks, Land Acquisition, Business Acquisition Where There Are Land Development Opportunities, Barbados VIP Executive Residential Properties and Developments.  

"The Alfie Best Brand and Associated Companies Are Valued At Over £700 Million Pounds. The Group Has Enjoyed a 3000% Growth Curve. You Are Joining A Brand That Carries a Hugely Successful Track Record"

Commercial To Residential Conversions

Offices and commercial premises converting into residential 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats. Offering both buy, refurbish and sell or buy refurbish and hold with ongoing ROI rental incomes.

Pubs, Hotels, Guest House Conversions

Below market value property sourcing of distressed hotels, guest houses, care homes, pubs and other associated property commercial assets that we present planning applications to convert into residential flats and houses.

Park Home and Holiday Park Acquisition and Conversion

Sourcing a wide range of retirement park home estates, holiday parks, lodge parks and land banking. All focused on long term joint venture partnership for property and business asset growth.


Below Market Value Residential Property Sourcing, Refurb and Resale/Hold

Distressed below market value residential property sourcing and acquisitions for refurbishment and conversion to resale. Large scale new build developments. Operating on buy to sell and buy to hold strategies.


Land Acquisition For Commercial and Residential Development/Resale

Land asset acquisition including land banking for short term residential, commercial and mixed use development. 


Distressed Businesses Acquisition/Resale/Development of Property Assets

Distressed businesses and liquidated business acquisition where land development opportunities exist.


Barbados VIP and Executive Residential Properties

Barbados VIP, executive land and property sourcing, acquisition and redevelopment. Three hosted 5 day trips per year to Barbados (By Person Invitation Only From The Directors) with Alfie Best Property Growth Overseas Joint Venture Opportunity.

"We Create Property Entrepreneurs and Build Long Term Business Partnerships"

Meet The Directors of Alfie Best Property Growth

Alfie Best - Chairman and Co Founder

Alfie Best is a successful UK based businessman and entrepreneur who's global business interests are valued over £700 million pounds. He has amassed a successful and wide range of businesses and property investments and assets. He is listed in the Sunday Times Rich List as one of the UK's richest men. He is one of the UK's largest landlords with over 16,000 residents with diversified business interests and sectors including property, sports, motor home, mining, property training and import and export.

Bradley Chapman - Managing Director and Co Founder

Bradley is a widely experienced businessman and entrepreneur that specialises is business growth and brand strategy. He is a former business consultant and has worked with clients from Walt Disney to Coca Cola as well rock and pop stars, high profile entrepreneurs and business owners. Alfie hand picked Bradley to form a business partnership with their property training and property growth company "Alfie Best Property Growth". Alfie is also Bradley's high level business and property asset growth mentor.

"Joint Venture and Partner With us, We'll Even Train You To Start Your Own Property Growth Business"

Register Your Joint Venture Interest Now By Clicking On The Financial Box That Is Relevant For You. 

Joint Venture Property Partnership Starts at Just £10k. Once Registered Our Executive Directors, Will Book A Time Slot To Speak With You About Our Latest Projects. There is no commitment at this stage simply your pledge. 

Bronze Level #1 - £10k

Pledge £10k to join Alfe Best Property Growth Consortium business joint venture partnership. 

Silver Level #2 - £15k-£25k

Pledge £15-25k to join Alfe Best Property Growth Consortium business joint venture partnership. 

Gold Level #3 - £25k-50k

Pledge £25-50k to join Alfe Best Property Growth Consortium business joint venture partnership. 

Diamond Level #4 - £50k-100k

Pledge £50-100k to join Alfe Best Property Growth Consortium business joint venture partnership. 

Platinum Level #5 - £100-250k

Pledge £100-250k to join Alfe Best Property Growth Consortium business joint venture partnership. 

Opal Level #6 - £250k+

Pledge £250k+ to join Alfe Best Property Growth Consortium business joint venture partnership. 

"Hands on Joint Venture Business Partnerships or Hands Off. It's Your Choice"

Our Property Training Services

"Prepare Yourself Mentally and Follow Our Bricks & Mortar Residential Property Or Our Park Home Operators & Investors Growth Training Programs With Passion and Purpose and You Will Achieve a New Level of Success"

Best Wishes
Alfie Best & Bradley Chapman


Where Would You Like us Take You Today?

Please see a list of current and coming soon products and services that we offer. Under this section you will see a few shorts videos to help you understand how we can help you grow

Alfie Best Property Growth Academy “Mentoring Program” offers both property training coupled with key entrepreneurial growth learning skills. Alfie is a true believer that many starting out on their property journey can underestimate the level of entrepreneurial skill, knowledge and attitude and work ethic required to become successful and to continually grow your levels of success. FIND OUT MORE

Welcome to Alfie Best Property Growth Academy bricks and mortar residential and commercial property training events for existing home owners, property investors, developers and inspired people looking to start their property asset growth journey. FIND OUT MORE

Alfie Best and Alfie Best Property Growth Academy welcomes you to our residential park home & holiday leisure park training events, mentoring and coaching events, training and mentring services FIND OUT MORE

Best Property Magazine offers a fully digitally interactive online user experience including direct website links and YouTube embeded videos, which can be viewed directly from the page. With a monthly delivery output and readership across the UK and many coutries around the globe. We aim to deliver educational, inspirational and throught provoking content, articles and interviews covering the UK residential and commercial property sectors. FIND OUT MORE

Alfie Best Property Consortium investment for individuals and business owners. Alfie Best Property Investment consortium is looking to achievie high yield growth and returns for special projects that Alfie Best and his team source. From residential and commercial oppportunties through to park home and leisure park investments. COMING SOON

Alfie Best Publishing has been created to deliver educational and inspirational self-help business entrepreneur and property-based download guides, books and magazine. Publications that expand your mind grow your knowledge and help you to engage and execute your business growth with passion, purpose and precision

COMING SOON - We are creating a exclusive executive directors boardroom network for CEO's, MD's and successful entrepreneurs. The network will being together property based business owners that deliver business products and services within the property sector. Our private executive network is by invitation only and membership is private and confidential. More details will be announced shortly

COMING SOON - We are currently working on the scalability of our head office property growth, property development and property business partnership structure. Our regional business director franchise model is expected to launch late 2020. This represents an incredible business growth opportunity for ABPG Group to grow our brand and presence county by county across the UK

COMING SOON - We will be arranging three trips per year to Barbados for sophisticated overseas investors wishing to secure BMV Barbados properties for renovations and refurbishment for executive and exuberant personal holiday residences and high end VIP holiday rental vacation listings

We are always looking for high profile speakers, writers and columnist as well as product and service providers within the property sector. We also have a range of busines partnership opportunities for joint venture and profit sharing businesses under the ABPG brand where you will become the Managing Director and 49% sharholder of your own ABPG business. If you would like to join our team then please email Bradley in confidence at



ABPG is not regulated by the FCA or any EU financial services authority and is not authorized to offer advice to the general public concerning any regulated or unregulated investment. You should seek advice from an independent financial advisor and/or tax advice on all information prior to making any property or land investment decision.

The value of your property investment may fall or rise depending on market conditions and many other factors. We offer no guarantee as to future performance in respect of income or capital growth. This is not an offer to participate in a collective investment scheme.

ABPG makes no recommendation on any of the properties or investments information is provided upon. ABPG does not market, recommend or provide any advice on pensions/SIPPs. We introduce all interested clients to a regulated firm within the EU for this purpose. ABPG also acts as a promoter and/or introducer for third parties.

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