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Free Property Based Business Support During The Cornoavirus Pandemic

At A Time Where The UK Community and Business Communities Must Come Together To Fight to Survive, Alfie Best and Alfie Best Property Academy Are Offering Free Property Sector Business Suppport During The Coronavirus Outbreak. 

We are now offering essential free bussiness support for any business that is based in and around the property sector. If you own a property or multi properties, run a property businessor or have a property service or product base business - We want to help. 

Alfie's aim is to bring the UK & Global property business community together to help in any way that we can. By coming together and sharing some of the challenges that we are now inevitably going to face will determine how we come out and through the coronavirus pandemic

Here Is What Alfie Is Offering To Help and Support You and Your Business

Daily Live Zoom Conference Group Support
1pm GMT UK Monday- Friday


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Click Here To Register For Free Property Business Coronavirus Support

Why Has Alfie Created
Alfie Best Property Academy

Alfie has been a regular speaker at property events for many years. As he watched the property trainers and the people who were attending the events. He realised that he could offer valuable mentoring and support to aspiring and experienced property investors, developers and people starting out on the property ladder for the first time.

Alfie has over 20 years of direct property experience in both bricks and mortar residential and commercial properties as well as park home and leisure parks sector. He is also a major advocate for affordable homes in the UK and believes that he has the answer to the UK housing crisis.

His schedule is very busy, and his time is the one thing that is extremely limited for Alfie. He decided that he wanted to create a property training academy that offers value training using a mixture of monthly paid and free events where his delegates and members would experience actionable take away information and knowledge. He did not want his delegates and members to attend an event or join his academy and not be able to act in growing their property portfolios.

The academy launched on the 5th Feb 2020 at Alfie’s first property event, held at his Wyldecrest HQ in Grays, Essex. Alfie’s new slogan is simply this, “Creating Wealth, Changing Lives”

Alfie Best Property Growth
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Our Property Training Services

"Prepare Yourself Mentally and Follow My Bricks & Mortar Residential Property Or My Park Home Operators & Investors Growth Training Programs With Passion and Purpose and You Will Achieve a New Level of Success"

Alfie Best

Alfie Best Property Growth Academy “Mentoring Program” offers both property training coupled with key entrepreneurial growth learning skills. Alfie is a true believer that many starting out on their property journey can underestimate the level of entrepreneurial skill, knowledge and attitude and work ethic required to become successful and to continually grow your levels of success. FIND OUT MORE

Welcome to Alfie Best Property Growth Academy bricks and mortar residential and commercial property training events for existing home owners, property investors, developers and inspired people looking to start their property asset growth journey. FIND OUT MORE

Alfie Best and Alfie Best Property Growth Academy welcomes you to our residential park home & holiday leisure park training events, mentoring and coaching events, training and mentring services FIND OUT MORE

Best Property Magazine offers a fully digitally interactive online user experience including direct website links and YouTube embeded videos, which can be viewed directly from the page. With a monthly delivery output and readership across the UK and many coutries around the globe. We aim to deliver educational, inspirational and throught provoking content, articles and interviews covering the UK residential and commercial property sectors. FIND OUT MORE

Alfie Best Property Consortium investment for individuals and business owners. Alfie Best Property Investment consortium is looking to achievie high yield growth and returns for special projects that Alfie Best and his team source. From residential and commercial oppportunties through to park home and leisure park investments. COMING SOON

We are always looking for high profile speakers, writers and columnist as well as product and service providers within the property sector. We also have a range of busines partnership opportunities for joint venture and profit sharing businesses under the ABPG brand where you will become the Managing Director and 49% sharholder of your own ABPG business. If you would like to join our team then please email Bradley in confidence at

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