Why Every Aspiring and Experienced Property Investor Should Read This Guide

The Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Property Investors Make

This is Property Multi Millionaire and Sunday Times Rich List Alfie Best's guide to the ten most common mistakes in property investment. Its true value is in showing you how to avoid them!

When does a mistake become a catastrophe? When it leaves you unable to recover at all, or facing a long period of financial hardship, stress and inconvenience. That’s something that’s all too common in the property world.

Nor are mistakes confined to keen start-ups in this sector, who take a wrong turn. Even the most seasoned property investors have had their eye-rolling, sweaty palm or forehead on the desk moments!

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This guide has been brought to you by the team at Alfie Best Property Academy. Alfie Best is a property millionaire who has acquired a £250 million property fortune.

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  • Lack of due digilance

    Mistake: Buying property that looks great….on paper!

  • Thinking with your heart or using ‘gut’ instinct

    Mistake: Letting sentiment or emotion infiltrate the business decision process.

  • Not getting your ducks in a row

    Mistake: Spending large sums  on the right property in the wrong location, or the wrong property in the right location!

  • Investment with no end goal in mind

    Mistake: Not using clear vision to develop your own expectations for this business project ;or understanding the expectations of your ‘customers’.

  • Poor financial planning

    Mistake: One of the greatest things about property investment is that you can win big, by using borrowed money. One of the worst things about property investment is that you can get badly burnt, by using borrowed money.

  • Inadequate ‘void’ planning

    Mistake: Working out affordability based on maximum occupancy or continued occupancy.

  • Can I flip properties quickly?

    Mistake: One of the worst errors in property investment is imagining that you can buy, convert, build or renovate properties for a quick sale and a healthy profit.

  • Owning and managing property are not the same

    Mistake: Buying property without giving enough thought to the demands of managing it.

  • Not seeking out or listening to good advice

    Mistake: Failure to grasp that: “Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” Albert Einstein

  • No exit strategy or contingency plans

    Mistake: Being trapped into continued ownership long after your motivation or revenue dried up.

Download Your Free"The Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Property Investors Make" Property Guide Now

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A well writen and thought provoking download guide. A must read for all property developers. It is sometimes the simple things that we miss that can cost us so much

James Briner, Briner Properties